The Mayfair Mile High Club

mile high club

Taking Flight With a Gorgeous Escort

If you’re a single guy in Mayfair, joining the Mile High Club could be just a phone call away.

If you are to ask a man what his ultimate fantasy is, the chances that he’ll say it’s joining the Mile High Club are pretty high. After all, it’s got it all. The risky element, the knowledge that you’re doing something that very few people have done, and the glitz and glamour of the playboy lifestyle. So if you want to join the Mile High Club on your next trip, who should you be flying with? Well, West End escorts are always up for a little bit of cheeky fun during a flight!

Travelling in style

Now, you can book a pair of first class tickets for you and your stunning Mayfair escort, or you can really push the boat out. If you hire your companion from a leading escort agency like Elite VIP Models, you can take advantage of all kinds of exclusive VIP services. That includes hiring your own private jet. Well, if you’re going to join the Mile High Club, you may as well do it in style! You can jet off to a gorgeous sun-drenched location with a beautiful woman, and have lots of fun on your way there. Now, who said flying had to be boring?

An open-minded companion

Once you and your Mayfair escort have taken flight, you can really relax and enjoy each other’s company. When you hire an escort, you know that you’re going to be getting a woman who is really open minded and adventurous. So if you’ve got a particular fantasy that you’d like to bring to life when you’re up in the air, let her know! After all, you’re going all out already, so you may as well indulge your deepest desires. Why not ask your escort to dress up as a sexy air hostess and tend to all of your needs during the flight? Remember, it’s your own private plane, so there’s no need to worry about getting caught!

Discretion is guaranteed

When you hire a high class Mayfair escort to join the Mile High Club with, you can rely on her absolute professionalism and discretion. So when you have a bit of fun with her during a flight, you can be sure that whatever happens between the two of you will remain private. So you can let her help you to bring your deepest, most outlandish fantasies to life. Perhaps you’ll ask your gorgeous companion to just step into the bathroom with you, or maybe you’ll take advantage of the comfortable beds and seats on your plush private jet? When you’ve got an entire plane to yourself, you can be as bold as you like!

Get ready for take off!

Not many men can say that they’ve joined the Mile High Club, and if you do, you can tick something very cheeky indeed off of your bucket list. So if you want to jet off somewhere exotic this summer, why not hire an escort to keep you company during the flight? By the time you land, you’ll have some incredible stories to tell, and you’ll be the envy of all your friends!

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